3 Tips for Helping Your Child Learn to Swim


When my swimming lesson ends, enthusiastic parents will ask me on their children swimming progress and methods to improve their swimming strokes. Upon hearing it, I am glad that parents are expressing interest to train Lifeguard classes their children the swim techniques. This thoughtfulness will definitely help in their children progress. So what are the ways the parents can help their children learn to swim?

Ask the swimming instructor

The swimming instructor will know the progress of your children, thus it is essential to ask him about the progress. The swimming lessons are planned and conducted by the swimming coach thus he knows what the expectations for the skills involved are. For example; when the children are executing a breaststroke kick, the children must finish the kick in a swift action. The kick must be strong and wide. Parents should make it a point to remember the vital points. When they bring their children to practice again, they can constantly remind them of the few points in order to execute the skills well. During the lesson, parents can also assist to spot the children incorrect techniques and convey the message to their children straight away. Sometimes, I feel puzzled as the same reminders conveyed to the students do not have the same impact as what the parents said to them. The children will understand better if the words came from the parents.

Training Interval

Parents have to set aside one additional time slot for their children to have practice on the previous skill learned. The purpose of doing revision is to enhance their techniques so as to get ready for the next skill. It will also increase their water confidence. I will personally recommend once a week and the time duration is less than thirty minutes. Children have a short concentration time span so parents must ensure that thirty minutes is utilized effectively. During the practice, it is a good chance for parents to build up their bonding with their children. Nevertheless, parents can also make use of this chance to swim and build up their fitness.

Mindset of the parents and children

During the practice session, parents should not reprimand their children for not mastering the skill. Encouragement is recommended no matter what the results are. Children will feel happy proud upon hearing it and will be eager to demonstrate the same skills again. One of my favorite encouragement Lifeguard classes is to do a high five action with them whenever they complete their skill. It gives them a sense of achievement that the coach has acknowledged their effort. Lastly, parents should naturally let their children progress to it capabilities, any hasty decision may cause a barrier to their advancement.

Swimming is similar as homework to the children. It needs constant practice during the initial stage to understand the crux of the technique involved. Hence, parents can assist by being as a coach to their children.


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