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Founded in 2003 Accu Web Hosting is an experienced US provider with a huge range of web hosting products and services .Research There are shared VPS and dedicated plans, for instance. WordPress and application hosting. Cloud hosting, reseller plans load balancers, backup schemes domain registration SSL certificates and more.You’re not restricted to Linux products. Just about everything in the range is also available in a Windows flavor though for a small price premium.Shared plans can be hosted in USE urope South Africa India and Australia and VPS and dedicated plans add more options Canada Singapore new locations in the US and Europe.Most products are highly configurable. Looking for a VPS maybe There are 36 operating systems to choose from. A US dedicated server As we write there are 14 base servers available each of which can be further customized to suit your needs. Accu click here Web Hosting plans all have explicit but high limits on bandwidth and storage which could be a problem for some. But in reality all providers have limits they just hide them behind vague ‘fair usage’ clauses in the small print ensuring no one knows what they are.Headline prices aren’t the lowest but they’re very reasonable shared hosting from $2.99 a month VPS from $10 and they often get better when you drill into the details VPS plans are fully managed for instance.When you’re comparing prices keep in mind that Accu Web doesn’t do introductory discounts. That’s bad if you’re hoping to save a pile on money by getting cheap hosting over three or four years. But it’s good over shorter plans as it means your costs aren’t going to double or more on renewal.
24/7 support is available via email live chat and telephone US if you run into trouble and you’re protected by a 30 day money back guarantee Shared hosting Accu Web’s shared hosting begins with its Personal Web Hosting plan. This imposes various limits but there’s nothing that will affect the average small site 10GB storage 150 email accounts and only 500GB traffic is going to be enough for many users. Even with a bulky web page size of 5MB that’s 100000 page views a month.Unusually, even this starter plan enables hosting as many websites as you need within the storage limit most providers limit you to hosting one site on their starter plan.
Elsewhere the plan includes all the features you’d expect free SSL cPanel site management a free domain a bundled website builder.Prices range from $3.25 a month on the six month plan there’s no monthly billing, unfortunatels to $3.09 a month over three years. That’s good value and as we mentioned above keep in mind that this is the standard price not some special introductory deal. It’s not going to leap on renewal.

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