Congratulations to our Replay Team Champions!


Following seven weeks of extreme rivalry, we have a triumphant group!

Go along with us in praising Ralphies Crew for taking the top spot in the domino qq poker online Replay Team Championship! They beat out some great contenders, so this was no simple accomplishment. This group comprised of thomas4126, 1texaslea, and hunter1111.

Before the occasion commenced, we asked group chief thomas4126 what aptitudes they would use to beat the rest. He let us know, “Aptitudes? What aptitudes? Simply having a ton of fun, no aptitudes required! LOL.” Apparently an absence of desires implies you may wind up taking off to the top!

Subsequent to winning, he shared, “Without tracker in our group, we would not have been in the last. He truly held our group together. Our vets are the best. I asked at a table the most recent day of sign up on the off chance that anybody needed to go along with me and tex. Tracker bounced on it and the rest is history.”

1texaslea let us know, “I had a great deal of fun, despite the fact that I was getting spoiled cards. I had just a single decent game out of the many. My rivals were great. Thomas was an extraordinary commander, and tracker I had never played with, however he had a super competition.

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